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OffersGuru®, founded in 2014, is the most up-to-date and comprehensive coupon and deal destination for online shopping in India. We offer coupon codes and deals from the most recognized and popular online stores in India. Our users can access the most accurate and latest coupons and deals here at OffersGuru. Our aim is to provide a personalized online shopping experience while serving as a powerful tool for consumers in India to save money. OffersGuru.com is owned by OSPRO Systems, LLC. Ltd.

Our Goals

OffersGuru has positioned itself to be the worlds leading website that provides the highest quality coupons and deals for the largest number of retailers, creating the largest available index of quality online coupons.


Prasad Kasireddy,

Prasad brings his expertise and experience in information technology, ecommerce, healthcare and global sourcing in founding OSPRO. As a business leader and global entrepreneur, Prasad is highly influential in this field, and he leads with the doctrine of empowering the people to empower the organization. His sharp business acumen is based on sound principals, demonstrating years of results, and his visionary approach to business development combine with his understanding and care for people to form the foundation for OSPRO.


Thulasi has a successful background in business development and scaling offshore centers for international corporations. He now oversees global delivery operations and delivery assurance for OffersGuru. Thulasi is also responsible for people practices, talent acquisition, IT infrastructure, facilities and logistics. His insight and experience in business and marketing has allowed him to cultivate the right marketing partners along with advertising and business opportunities that drive the deals and coupons found on OffersGuru.

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